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I love knitting. I learned to knit from my mother, and her from her mother; and while knitting suffered a serious decline at the end of the 20th century, we're now in the middle of a revival. Once you begin knitting, you'll find that it's a fun, useful, and calming skill!

Knitting can seem unapproachable to beginners -- it certainly did to my husband. I created this service to show people that they can knit too! Every kit includes full color instructions for any stitches or techniques needed to complete that month's project. While Stitch Set is tailored for beginning knitters, people of all skill levels enjoy our service every month!

Each one of our sets is tested on a beginner before being shipped to our knitters. The set contains everything necessary to complete the project -- right down to a pair of scissors. No more running from store to store for the right needles!

In addition to all supplies, patterns, and instructions -- I make myself available to answer any questions my knitters might have. I hope you enjoy Stitch Set as much as we do!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level do I need?

Our patterns will range from beginner to easy. We want to remain accessible to those who don't currently know how to knit. Every set includes custom made instructions with full color photos that outline all techniques needed to complete that month's project.

I'm an advanced knitter, is this service still for me?

We think so! It's a great way to get outside your comfort zone and make something you may not typically make.

Does your set really include everything I need?

Sure does! The set will contain all the needles needed for that month's project - not just knitting needles, but yarn and cable needles as well.

What can I expect in the kit?

Everything you need to make that month's item. This includes the pattern, yarn, needles, and any accessories (buttons, clasps, etc). In addition, you'll find custom made instructions (with photos) for all techniques needed to complete the project.

What does the set come in?

Your set will arrive in a cloth sack with draw-string. Knitting is often something you take with you, and we chose our packaging with that in mind.

What if I need help?

I'm available to all my knitters via email or phone, whatever works best for you!

Past Kits

  • Garter Stitch Cowl
    January 2014

    Garter Stitch Cowl

  • Stocking Cap
    February 2014

    Stocking Cap

  • Ruffle Scarf
    March 2014

    Ruffle Scarf

  • Spring Cowl
    April 2014

    Spring Cowl

  • Bath Accessories
    May 2014

    Bath Accessories

  • Market Bag
    June 2014

    Market Bag

  • Shawlette
    July 2014


  • Knitted Bag
    August 2014

    Knitted Bag

  • Fisherman's Wife Cowl
    September 2014

    Fisherman's Wife Cowl

  • Mary Jane Slippers
    October 2014

    Mary Jane Slippers

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About Stitch Set

Stitch Set is a monthly subscription knitting service designed for beginning knitters. Every kit includes everything needed to complete the monthly project.

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